The pastor of the St Luke’s is Priit Gregorios Tamm. He graduated from Tartu University, Estonia, in 1993 (the English language and literature) and 1998 (theology). He has been serving the St Luke’s since 1996.

Grayscale photo portrait of Priit Tamm
Priit Tamm


The most important aspect of the life of a local church is its worship. This is a place and time to nurture the faithful and to equip them for their service in the world. Our worship combines both thousands-of-years old traditions and contemporary expressions of our faith.

During the week there are prayer and fellowship nights, weekly Bible Study and other events.

Work with Children

One of the most important ministries in our church is work with children. Every Sunday during the worship service there is a Sunday School class for kids where they discover the issues of faith on their own age-level and share in their experiences.

The work with children is not confined to just Sunday School classes. Our children take trips to other churches in Estonia and make friends there.

In summertime the kids have an opportunity to go to a national children camp at the Methodist Camp Centre Gideon on the northern coast of Estonia.


Music and singing has a significant place in the life of the church. Our church has a small mixed choir. The choir serves in the celebrations of great feasts and in worship services at least once a month. In addition to that the choir gladly receives invitations to sing in other churches. New singers, especially male voices, are always welcome to the choir.

United Methodist Women

Women of our church gather to share and discuss the issues especially relevant to them. The major events that they participate in are women’s worldwide day of prayer and Estonian UMW Spring Day.

United Methodist Men

Our men also have their own organisation.

Social Care

Our church has always tried to help those who for any reason are not able to cope and need some additional assistance. Today the times of the once glorious Common Help are over but we try to give out food and clothes to the needy according to our present strength.


Every worship service is an outreach, proclamation of the Good News.

In addition to Sunday worship, the main outreach program in our church today is the Alpha course. This is a program introducing the basics of Christianity to non-churched people. The course originates from England and has been successful all over the world.

Another outreach project where we are involved together with the other churches in Tartu is the Jesus Movie Project. This means getting the world famous Jesus movie in every home of our city and later on an extensive follow-up work with the people interested in the message of the movie.

In our outreach efforts we co-operate closely with the Estonian Evangelical Alliance and other churches in our city.